Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green Energy Act, 2009

REALTORS® oppose mandatory home energy audits
On February 23, the Government of Ontario introduced Bill 150 the Green Energy and Green
Economy Act (GEA), 2009. Included in Bill 150 is a provision that will require all home owners to
provide an energy audit report to prospective buyers. Currently, the bill is in the second reading
stage of the legislative process.
To read Bill 150 in full click here.
While OREA supports the principles of energy conservation and environmental stewardship that
are enshrined in the GEA it opposes any policy that imposes unnecessary costs on homeowners and
delays on real estate transactions. Instead, OREA supports the existing government program that
encourages homeowners, through rebates, to assess the energy efficiency of their home voluntarily.
In the week following the introduction of the Bill 150, OREA issued a press release outlining
REALTOR® concerns with respect to mandatory home energy audits, while also conducting a
number of media interviews. In addition, OREA forwarded briefing notes outlining REALTOR®
opposition to mandatory home energy audits to all Ontario MPPs. These briefing notes have
been used during debate in the legislature on the bill. Lastly, OREA met with senior officials in
the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to directly communicate REALTOR® opposition to
mandatory home energy audits.
To read the briefing note provided to MPPs on mandatory home energy audits click here.
OREA will continue work on behalf of REALTORS® and homeowners at Queen’s Park, pushing
for amendments to Bill 150 that will mitigate the effects of mandatory home energy audits on the
real estate market.

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